Title Princess “Techie Talk”

I am launching my Title Princess ~ “Techie Talk” this year.  With the goal of helping my clients and followers optimize their social media marketing footprint.  Information overload is so common these days in our business world, so my job is to help you sift through all this information quicker and more efficiently.  I hope to find and post the best tips and tools of the trade that I think will be useful to you in your business.  We are moving at the speed of light in our new business world, so grab on, hold on, and enjoy the ride!!

This month who better to start our year off with valuable social media tips than Mashable.  I don’t know what it is about the number 10, but we seem to listen when ever we see “Top Ten” lists… so here is another one to ponder.  “The 10 Stages of Social Media Business Integration.”

1. Observe & Report
2. Setting the Stage + Dress Rehearsal
3. Socializing Media
4. Finding a Voice and a Sense of Purpose
5. Finding a Voice and a Sense of Purpose
6. Humanizing the Brand and Defining the Experience
7. Community
8. Social Darwinism
9. The Socialization of Business Processes
10. Business Performance Metrics

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