Wow! Firestorm . . .


I had no idea what a firestorm of controversy and comments I would get from my last post!!  Unfortunately for our industry, slanderous articles and opinion pieces by some of the largest news organizations across the nation continually allow articles like these for their front/top news.  We are constantly having to fight this everyday.  I strongly believe that the more knowledgeable we are and professional in knowing how to combat this exact kind of mentality, the better equipped we will be and in turn the better perceived we will be as well. 

The fact is that I was alarmed by the piece!  When I said “I found a great article,” I was stating that sarcastically.  Realtors are some of the hardest working, selfless people I know!  People absolutely need Real Estate Brokers to help them buy or sell their homes!  This is one of the most complex and emotionally vested transactions most people will ever make in their lives!!  Professional realtors are the people who make it all happen and for dreams to come through for the average American family!  Truly!! 

So, we are a profession that is so undervalued and stomped on.  But if we can have this knowledge, yet not feed into the energy of the negativity, but be consistent and steadfast in advocating professionalism, then maybe, just maybe we can slowly change this perception. I guess this is a great lesson for all of us.  Perception plays such a huge role in our world!  Be cautious and sincere in your quest to help others be better than they were yesterday!  I just recently finished a book that helps keep us moving forward in a positive, steadfast light.  It is called “The Angel Inside,” by Chris Widener, which retells some experiences through Michelangelo’s life.  I highly recommend it.  So keep this thought in mind as you go through your day,

“Every person has this tremendous capacity to be both king and warrior, a person of value and a person of accomplishment – of beauty and power.  There is an angel in all of us.  This day will forever change your life.”