10 things your Real Estate broker won’t say . . .



How apropos for this upcoming holiday season. . . I saw this great article on MSN’s Real Estate website today.  I think this is important for all my clients and real estate friends to be aware of, and make sure you aren’t one of these they talk about. 

Here are the 10 to keep in mind:

1~ “Your open house is really just a networking party for me.”

2~ “My fees are negotiable.”

3~”Think you’ve had no offers? Actually, there have been several.”

4~”I’m not obligated to keep my mouth shut for you.”

5~”Sometimes I forget whose side I’m on.”

6~”I know zilch about zoning.”

7~”I won’t let termites — or pesky inspectors — kill a deal.”

8~”I sometimes forget I’m not a lawyer.”

9~”My Web site is a dead end.”

10~”You can probably do this without me.”

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It is alarming to me that MSN would post such a skewed and such a blatantly untrue article!  Real Estate professionals are some of the hardest working professionals out there that get beat up on time and time again in the mainstream media.  The fact is, people need realtors to sell their homes… bottom line.  So, let’s prove to our communities that we are specialists in our field, with knowledge and a high level of  professionalism.  Don’t let ignorant media define your business.