Motivation! Where are you? . . .

Summer is over and fall is in full swing.  Typically the last quarter of the year is the hardest for businesses.  This is the critical time to build your business in preparation for next year.  So, you say, Where has my motivation gone?  Positive attitude and surrounding yourself with motivational people is so critical to keep your outlook strong and you will sail above the competition if you do! 

Recently I just created my new vision/Dream board!  This was so fun and motivational!!  Here are some of my favorite pictures that I posted, that I wanted to share:

Next month a motivational business seminar is coming on October 13th to Denver.  This all day event will include some of the most dynamic motivational speakers in the country: including Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, John Elway, and many more.  This event is through  I am excited for this event and to have the opportunity to listen to such phenomenal speakers!  I have many tickets and would love to have you join us for this event! 

No time is better than today to live the life of your dreams and go all the way! 

In closing, here’s the quote of the day:

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” (Theodore Roosevelt, 26th U.S. President)