Social Media


Social Media has grown tremendously in the past five years. Where will the trends take us next? Personal branding is making huge strides, as well as video-blogging or showing who you are to your network through pictures. There is something for everyone in social media, but still there are many who are hesitant. Technology moves business and culture at such a fast speed that not joining the social online conversation could prove detrimental. Who knows if this is true… I guess only time will tell! Enjoy the social trends and tips that are added here. . .


Facebook has so many amazing benefits to using it.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love Facebook:

1.  It is Fun!

2.  It’s easier to stay connected and feel a part of your friend’s worlds.

3.  As a marketing geek, I love how amazing and effective the Business Pages are.  Facebook has created a fundamental shift in the use of TOMA (Top of mind awareness) business principles.  You can stay in contact or at the top of mind to your past clients, future clients, and friends on almost a daily basis.

4.  There are some pretty hilarious applications as well as functional apps.

5.  Facebook is the new big leader and dominates the power of pull marketing, which is a marketing reality in our world today.  Traditional “old-school” marketing strategies just don’t work with today’s consumers.  Everyone has a major burn-out syndrome from the days of TV and radio push advertising.

Don’t let Facebook scare you!  Try it out.  I think you will be surprised at how fun and easy it is.



Twitter Etiquette. . .

Twitter is a wild and fast running community!  Oftentimes students of mine ask how to use it and feel overwhelmed from the beginning.  This “supernews” video should help you to understand the etiquette for using twitter.  And as always remember these top three things:

1. Give more than you take

2. Listen and engage

3. Be a value giver expert





Whenever I am teaching a class on social media, I commonly get this response about my students opinion of LinkedIn, “I am on LinkedIn, but my profile just sits there.  I don’t know what to do with it.”  RISMedia posted a fabulous article to address this problem.

“5 Ways to Build Your Brand through LinkedIn”

  1. Make Yourself Accessible
  2. Build and Market Your Brand
  3. Be Participative in Discussions
  4. Put Time into Your Profile
  5. Network with Yourself

And Here is another tip from me, post what are you doing updates more frequently.  This feature is highly underused on LinkedIn.  This could be extremely powerful for you and will definitely make you much more visible with your connections.

(Click here to read the full article…)


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