The Complete package for Realtors Website Dilema

I have spent the last two years teaching and consulting with Realtors about how to use Social Media for their business.  The discussions and questions are always vibrant and engaging.  Many people are struggling with the how and why with social media,  and more specifically they ask these types of questions when we address blogging and WordPress section.  Most agents want to understand and see how this will all work with their website and all their traditional forms of marketing that they already have in place.  

One question that always comes up is “so if websites are stagnant and we are supposed to start using WordPress and blogging to be more engaging and effective, than how do we integrate all of our website tools, including our listings feed?”  Well I am so excited to say that now there is an answer!  Todd Carpenter, the Social Media Manager for the National Association of Realtors, announced on his WordCamp blog a few weeks ago about a company doing just that- an IDXPress plugin for your WordPress blog. 

“Diverse Solutions has released their new IDXPress plugin to the public, and from the input I’ve received from some of the beta testers, this affordable and simple to set up plugin is going to allow the same sort of Google-Lovin’-Indexing that was considered an unfair advantage less than a year ago.    If you’re hoping to grow organic SERPs from listing based Google queries, experimenting with a plugin like this is a no-brainer.  It won’t be long before this sort of tool is required simply to keep up with everyone else.”

So another step forward in the real estate industry’s social media dominance.  To compete in business, knowledge is power.  And without knowledge of technology and the online business world, you won’t survive.  Trust me, if you don’t take that first step to creating your online footprint today, than you will be lost in a few short years.  Now is the time to come join that party, social media is waiting!!



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