10 things your Real Estate broker won’t say . . .



How apropos for this upcoming holiday season. . . I saw this great article on MSN’s Real Estate website today.  I think this is important for all my clients and real estate friends to be aware of, and make sure you aren’t one of these they talk about. 

Here are the 10 to keep in mind:

1~ “Your open house is really just a networking party for me.”

2~ “My fees are negotiable.”

3~”Think you’ve had no offers? Actually, there have been several.”

4~”I’m not obligated to keep my mouth shut for you.”

5~”Sometimes I forget whose side I’m on.”

6~”I know zilch about zoning.”

7~”I won’t let termites — or pesky inspectors — kill a deal.”

8~”I sometimes forget I’m not a lawyer.”

9~”My Web site is a dead end.”

10~”You can probably do this without me.”

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It is alarming to me that MSN would post such a skewed and such a blatantly untrue article!  Real Estate professionals are some of the hardest working professionals out there that get beat up on time and time again in the mainstream media.  The fact is, people need realtors to sell their homes… bottom line.  So, let’s prove to our communities that we are specialists in our field, with knowledge and a high level of  professionalism.  Don’t let ignorant media define your business.


4 thoughts on “10 things your Real Estate broker won’t say . . .

  1. oh!! that just frustrates me! We have a hard enough time with people thinking we make “TONS” of money for doing nothing and then get beat up by the media. Really…? I CARE about people and do everything I can to serve them, and this just happens to be my livelyhood that puts food on the table for my family. I guess there may be some “bad apples” out there, but aren’t there in every industry? Find a REALTOR who cares… like me.

  2. That is real good. Actually, it is perfect for a good chuckle. We can all use humor, especially those of us in the real estate and lending business. Funny – but sometimes true.

  3. Telling!? Susan, I have to TELL YOU, that in scanning this article, I get the sense that I can probably pick it apart, refuting most of the 10 items – if I had the time to niggle through it. I am too busy with level-headed clients in my Real Estate and Business Consulting services to put much energy in this type of dangerously uninformed headline grabber.

    My impression is that this is a negative, short sighted and narrow article written by those who have likely found that small percentage of Realtors who really aren’t fit for any type of employment. What an insult to those who take the work seriously.

    The final comments about selling a house without a Realtor really flies in the face of another article, that I read this year, which cited a high fail rate (I recall something in the 80% range) with FSBOs that never make it to closing.

    Sometimes I hear comments about hiring an attorney to handle the contract portion of the FSBO transaction. In both cases, the sale / transfer of property relies on the negotiating power of the Buyer and Seller – who deal directly with each other – not a great experience if one or both of the parties forget this is a business deal and become emotionally invested in the negotiations.

    If the Buyer and Seller do manage to make it to the point that they can hire an attorney for the contractual portion, then they are at further risk of the transaction crashing. Attorneys are trained to take things apart. Period. Plus, the Buyer and Seller often forget that even if the deal crashes, they STILL have a bill to pay the Attorney.

    Boy, I can only imagine what the Authors have to say about consumer purchases of other high ticket items. Next, they will probably suggest that we can perform our own root canals and kidney transplants if we just hit the right do-it-yourself websites!

    Heard something appropriate recently: “You can’t fix stupid.” I just had a deal crash because we discovered, during Inspection, that the Seller had performed the remodel of his kitchen, bathroom, the electric and plumbing upgrades himself. He never pulled permits and apparently relied on Lowe’s and the DIY channel to cut corners. The result is that nothing is to code and the home cannot pass Inspection or Underwriting. This was a case of ‘lipstick on a pig’. Really, a form of fraud, and I feel that the Listing Broker should have refused the Listing. (In subsequent conversations, I got the feeling that she actually knew that this home was not to code.) My client and I put hope, time and money into this, passing on other properties that might have been suitable and actually pass an inspection. This was a huge waste of time and energy at a time of year when inventory is becoming scarce.

    Thanks for the link to the article. I have been feeling an end-of-month rant coming on – you really gave me the fuel for an Irish flash fire! I do hope you found my comments interesting – or perhaps entertaining!

    Best Regards,
    Penelope Zeller
    Business Development

    Real Estate Broker

    Citizen Activist

    Your Castle Real Estate

    Denver, Colorado U.S.A.

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