Murphy’s Law in Real Estate

Really . . . ?
Really . . . ?


I just am convinced that its Murphy’s Law working in my life the past few weeks!  The pattern of events that has affected my personal life is too intertwined with my business life.  On July 20th, a massive, almost tornado came through our neighborhood, and our house was greatly affected.  A lot of damage  was done and we are now looking at around 18k in repairs to our house and cars.  We were fortunate, however, and were featured on CBS 4 Denver news a few nights later.  Which by the way, was my girls “Best night ever,” they said when watching the live broadcast that night on our front lawn.  So, we are officially famous here in Denver!  Check out the clip:

Now after all the insurance claims and adjusters and contractors appointments we finally get the estimates done on our house and wait patiently for our check to start the repairs.  We got it a few days ago.  Well, yesterday, this bomb hit!  “News Release – Taylor Bean & Whittaker Mortgage company (who happens to house our mortgage) unexpectedly shut down operation and close their doors.  Out of Business.(The official news release is posted in my  So, who knows when we will be able to get the insurance check to them to approve the work to begin on our house. 

It’s so Murphy’s Law!  And I must say, that honestly I have not been too affected by all these turn of events.  Life is still amazing and good!  And the news video showcasing my sweet angel baby is now for the memory books.



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